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A Perfect Walkthrough On Minecraft Earth Features And Currency


Youths are engaging in adventurous gaming, and if you are looking for a new game, then you can go for the Minecraft Earth. The game is all about the real-world, and it will be released by Mojang for iOS and Android.

The gameplay will give us a fantastic experience, and we can complete it with several online rivals. Show off your skills with AR mode, and for it, we have to confirm some kinds of things.

Playing games is giving us positive vibes, but perfection in the gameplay is not an overnight task, and for it, you have to concern about different things.

The newcomers should start with a perfect tutorial, and in this article, we are talking about the features and currency. The game consists of lots of amazing features, and if anyone wants to be a pro player, then he must go with them.

Smooth control for playing 

Everyone wants a smooth playing experience, and that is only with navigation controls. They are easily adaptive to the users, and we can also change with new settings. The controls are beneficial for improving our playing speed, and we can master the gameplay.

Colorful user interface

The user interface is the main factor of the game, and HD graphics are providing an elegant look of it. Lots of skins are available for going forward, but we have to be perfect in different categories. AR mode is easily run with visual graphics for it. The players have to fulfill all the basic requirements.

Easy to connect with friends 

The players can join an adventurous journey with online friends. For it, we can go with facebook login or any other social platform. The facebook login is good for receiving the right amount of rewards. You can send playing requests to active friends.

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Important currency and types:

Generally, the currency is a significant aspect of the game, and most of us are seeking that. In the game, two major currencies are used as mine and Coins.

Both are essential for purchasing new skins and objects for building more. Before going to any mission, we should glance at the role of every currency. Remember, do not try any external way or tools to earn currencies. You should have to read more about such hacks like minecraft earth hack tool and other related things.


The mine is the prime currency of the game, and we have to collect them for leveling up. Such currency is giving more benefits, and you have to concern about it.

By it, we can open new stages and reach on the high levels. For fetching it, we need to be active on different events and quests rounds.


For buying new items and skins, we have to go with the right amount of coins. A big amount of coins are good for surviving long in tasks, and the players will make new ways of earning.

Do not waste the currency, and try to save a handsome amount. You never know what stage we need to spend them, so store them. In the storyline, we will get more chances to grab it, but many players can purchase the currency.