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2 Best DragonVale Tips And Tricks To Use in 2020


You must have listened to fairy tales in your childhood. Stories of dragons and monsters might have been your favorites. How will you feel if you get the chance to retake a trip to the world of fantasies?

You will jump up in joy. All thanks to Backflip Studios, the dragons are back. Take your smartphone and start to make an island where you can do some dragon-farming. The game is exceptionally good, and you will feel like playing on for ages.

However, just like every other game, Dragon vale will also be more comfortable to play if you can apply some tips and tricks. Here are some to help you out.

  1. Get Friends:

Complicated suggestions tend to mess up your thought process. Go for the most natural tricks. Have some friends in the game. It will help you to get two crucial things in the game- money, and gems.

Of course, there is the option to use real cash and get the money. But then, it’s never a good idea to use the money for games when you can earn the game money with a little help from online friends. For instance, at level 15, you can draw as much as $7,500 each day from a single friend.

But the problem is you won’t be able to visit your friends daily. You can follow the hard way where you will have to surf the Facebook fan page an add people from there. Or, you can use the friends recommendation option too.

  1. Clear the Islands:

The islands are all initially quite unkempt, with overgrowing forests full of trees and rocks. You will feel like using the entire money to buy the dragons and breed them, But try to concentrate on cleaning the islands first.

You can also check out some more tips and tricks at dragonvalecheats where they have discussed them in extreme detail.

You will gain the mega experience points on clearing the space. It will be easier to breed the dragons.