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Useful Tips And Tricks To Know About King Of Avalon- Mobile Game!


A kind of new strategic battle game where you need to create your empire is King of Avalon. Lots of tasks are added in the game which a player needs to complete for exploring more fun. Each user needs to build a strong empire, a force for competing with other online players. There is no chance of losing the army until you train them accurately.

Playing the game with new strategies permits a player to enhance real-life skills in addition to becoming a king player. Here we are going to mention some king of avalon cheats which help every gamer to explore unlimited fun besides using spare time efficiently.

  • Take advantage of the events

As we discuss, lots of activities are organized in King of Avalon daily, which helps gamers a lot. Some events contain experienced players to participate in and some of the events filled with new players. If you are an old player to the game, then try to join in higher activities which helps to receive unlimited rewards.

For example, one can join an event to train their troops only. It helps to collect more golds {premium currency of the game} in addition to other useful resources. So, it is recommended for every user to check the events for earning awards in a more significant amount.

  • Use the dragons appropriately

If you need to make your army stronger as compared to other players, try to recruit powerful dragons. Dragons are considered as powerful elements which helps for passing robust levels quickly. Using dragons correctly permits all gamers to grow their kingdom faster. One needs to know how to use the dragons and what techniques should be adopted. Try to upgrade them by using the game currency in sufficient amount.

  • Finish daily tasks

Every single day you’ll find some tasks to complete on. Completing daily tasks appropriately permit a player to grow faster without spending many efforts on understanding game functions. One can earn 420 activity points after finishing a particular task. Not only a specific amount of points each task contains some points to make. So, try to perform every task faster as it helps in many ways to upgrade the kingdom.

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  • What is an exchange system?

When someone fails to collect enough resources, he/she can efficiently adopt exchange system. In an exchange system, one can buy the buildings in exchange of lesser currency. It means in the auction more of houses, buildings and other materials would be sold. One can easily take advantage of the exchange system to grow in the game faster as no one another can.

For example, if you have more wood to make the buildings but doesn’t have enough food to feed the troops, then, in that case, you can exchange wood for food.

  • Leave stronghold for last

Each building contains some upgrades in your kingdom to make sure the stronghold is the last of them. Stronghold includes many, and one needs to collect more resources for it. Always try to upgrade it last, with that a gamer can easily save more time.