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The Sims FreePlay Tips and Tricks That Every Player Should Know!

The Sims Freeplay Tips and Tricks for Better Game Play Experience

The Sims Free Play is a brand new role-playing game introduced EA Games for Android and iOS devices.

A player needs to customize a Sim which performs every task in the game or which plays virtual people role.

One can dress up the Sim according to their real-life situations with that they can show their personality. Lots of exciting tasks are added in the game, which permits users to explore endless fun as well as reduce all mental stress.

If you are finding the best role-playing game where you can perform real-life tasks as well as exciting tasks, then you should try Sims Free Play game once.

Well, the Gameplay is straightforward to understand from that users can understand all game features, system, functions, and necessary items.

Here we are going to discuss some the sims freeplay cheats tips and tricks to progress in the game faster.

It is recommended for every gamer to pay more attention to tips as it helps them to play like a pro beside achieve all targets smoothly.

Understand the tasks

Check and Complete All The Game Tasks

You can find various jobs in the game which are divided into some parts like-

  • Social task– social tasks can be played by inviting neighbors on Facebook. Completing this kind of tasks permit gamers to earn different bonuses also social points (third primary currency of the game).
  • Quests– various quests are mixed in-the game which is available for a specific time. All the players need to complete various quests within the time, which helps to earn more prizes, rewards as well as in-game currencies.

Also, these quests cannot be skipped, so one needs to complete it wisely.

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  • Weekly tasks– it contains normal goals which renewed after seven days or after a weak. Every week a player needs to face new and interesting kind of goals.

Completing all goals provides a specific amount of prizes, rewards besides currencies.

In-Game Currency

Try to Collect More Game Currency

Three types of currencies used in Sims Free Play, which represents every single task in-game, namely Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, and Social Points.

Earning all currencies in good amount is essential for gamers if they need to play the game smoothly without any issue.

They can purchase different Sims items, houses, vehicles, appliances, furniture, and other necessary items.

It’s hard for users to maintain all currencies but also not impossible as some game tasks make it possible for users. Some tasks for earning in-game currencies are mentioned below-

  • Using pets to find currencies on rare occasions
  • Sending Sims to the competition center
  • Gardening
  • Ghost hunting
  • Making hobbies
  • Collecting daily bonus
  • Driving
  • Baking and tons of other game tasks are available to earn them in the proper amount.

Also, there is an option available to purchase currencies package at reasonable rates.


Hope with above-mentioned content; users are able to progress in the game faster without getting stressed or depressed. Don’t panic as the tasks are simple to perform.