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Special Features Of Rise Of Kingdoms

Being one of the top-ranked mobile strategy PvP games, Rise of Kingdoms stands as a tough competition to games such as Clash of Clans. The game was released on 20th September 2018, for Android and iOS platforms, and has had millions of downloads till date.

The game has astonished everyone with its amazingly detailed graphics and user-interface.

The game’s concept is really simple: you need to act as the Lord of a city and perform various day-to-day activities. You will have to farm and gather resources, secure your township from enemies’ attacks to make the best out of your performance.

The first task after getting in the game is to make a choice out of the 8 civilizations such as Rome and Britain, available in the game. You also have 20 different heroes to choose from, and various game modes such as PvP and Expedition to play. I’d suggest you follow the game’s tutorial thoroughly to get a better grip over the functions and tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis.

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Buildings in your province are of 2 classes: Economic (used for research purposes) and Military (including troops and weaponry) Technology. The City Hall being the most precious part of your town, your focus should be to keep it upgraded to the highest level.

Coming to the resources available in the game, such as food, wood and stones, which are mostly required in training troops and upgrading your building. You can collect all these resources by sending your troops to gather them, or simply earn them from Quests.

The most exciting feature in this game is the Gems, as they are easily available in chests and rewards. These gems serve as extremely helpful in the intermediate stage of the game, when it’s really difficult to gather a whole lot of resources.

Now, let’s arrive at the most crucial aspect of Rise of Kingdoms: the troops. Yeah, that’s right! You need exquisite troops and weaponry in order to set up an excellent trap for your enemies while attacking them, or defending against them. Train enough troops from time to time, in your Barracks, Archery Range, Scout Camps, etc. so that you can have a good supply of troops during a war.

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There’s also a social flavour of the game, under which you can join an Alliance. It’s a group of players who can cooperate and be allies, to create useful strategies and revamp their performance in the game. You can also earn Gems and other rewards, at various stages of being in an Alliance. You can also send your troops to gather stuff from the Alliance Resource Center. During a time of crisis, your allies can help you by donating food and other resources.

Overall, Rise of Kingdoms meets almost every recommendation of a gamer and is an outstanding way to begin scouting in the world of strategical games. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and download Rise of Kingdoms from your app store to experience the most of its wonders.