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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide Tips Tricks

harry potter hogwarts mystery tips tricks

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

We all extreme fans of the harry potter series, each book or the movie series will attract readers or movie lovers to the harry potter stories. Most of the people are known about stories of the harry potter, and they wish to live at least one time in this fictional world, therefore, the Jam City Games introduced the miraculous game, named as the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

The Jam city games will try to complete your wish virtually through the harry potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game. This is a role-playing and single-player video game with lots of adventures. The initial release date for the game is 25 April 2018 and the game is made for android and iOS platforms only.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts mystery is getting very popular from its release. This game is downloaded by more than 5 million people from the Google play store only in its first four days after its release, and the 5.15 hundred thousand people have given it excellent ratings. The game has got 4.5 ratings from Google play.

This game is also popular on the Apple devices. Apple app store gave 4+ ratings to the game, and total 3.4k peoples have gives amazing review ratings to the game.

The user of the game will play the role of a student in the game. This game is totally user-defined therefore you can access to do anything with your avatar and also you have rights to set your different playing style.

Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery has its different story line in this game, harry potter is a student of the Hogwarts university and left the university after that his brother naming Jacob made violence in the university in his educational year and broke all rules of the school.

Now the player character means the game user has got the Hogwarts admit letter. Now, what are the adventures he will experience in university, and how he faces riddles to find his brother?  All this you can see by playing the game.

Walkthrough About In-Game Currency and Resources

The harry potter Hogwarts mystery have three type of different currencies the first one is the gold coins, this is the premium currency of the game, players can buy some diverse avatars for them with these gold coins.

The second currency of the game is gems. Players use these gems to buy some special avatars and other special things in the game. According to our research there are lots of ways to get free gems in the game some of them are listed here and some of them can be found on no survey downloads harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats page.

And the third currency of the game is energy or power. Energy is the most important thing in the game, because, you need to use your energy to perform the task in the game. This game is based on the energy system rule.

Here above, these are the three currencies of the harry potter Hogwarts mystery game. But the game also features the diverse attributes for the user custom-made avatar.

There are three diverse attributes in the game and that is courage, empathy, and knowledge. These three attributes will decide that, what type of the character you have in the game, and decide how the game will you play further.

Ultimate Tips and Tricks To Earn Gems Gold Energy Quickly

As we know that the game has gold, gems, and energy these currencies, first we will look into the energy, then gems, then gold coins, and then player attributes and its resources.

Energy, how to earn easily: –  this game is based on the energy system, means player have to spend some energy to perform any activities within a task in the game. You have store 25 out of 25 energies at one time in the bar, when you use some of them to perform a task, it will refill after some specific time, this energy bar is available on the upper right corner of the screen.

Once the energy is totally empty, then the player can’t perform any task in the game at that time player just explore the game.

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Wait for some time :- When a player loses some amount of energy, then it suddenly starts the time to refill the energy, and this time is not so long its actually 10 or 5 minutes in realtime.

Buy the energy with gems or with real money : –  Players also buy these energies with spending some gems that player have collected in the game. You can see the gem bar at exact coin bar. If the player has not enough gems to buy energy then they can buy this with paying the real money with some micro online transaction.

Gold coins : –  this is the primary currency of the game. The player can earn unlimited coins in the game, and these coins are used to buy primary normal clothes or diverse style of the player’s avatar. The gold coins are also used to play some specific tasks like as example; at the beginning of the game, when a player is in 1st year and learning 2nd chapter, the player need to do strong friendship with its first friend Rowan, so this task charge 10 or 20 coins to play.

Complete tasks and small activities within task : – When the player perform any task, he gets a reward of coins for every small activity, and after completing the task the game will allow you to choose your reward you can choose gold coins in the task.

Gems : –  The gems are the second currency of the game. The gem bar is available on exact below of the gold coin bar in the upper right corner of the home screen. The gems are used to buy special clothes in the game. Players can also buy the energy with these gems.

For earn gems easily choose it in the reward task, when the player completes its task, the game allows the player to choose gem in reward. Player also buys these gems with real money.

Attribute resources = There are three attributes in the game. The player sees these attributes in the upper left corner of the screen. The game allows the player to where to earn attributes by tapping on them. Players attribute plays an important role in the behavior of the player’s character.

Authors or our personal experience review for the harry potter: Hogwarts mystery game.

The overall game is very addictive for those people, who love harry potter or the people who love RPG games. The most interesting thing is that there are all replica prototypes of all characters in the harry potter movie series with all same landscapes, it will more attractive to a new user of the game. The graphics of the game is attractive, colorful and good quality.

But the game needs strong and stable net connectivity and sometimes this is a little bit frustrating. Also, the in-game selling item with only real money is very costly as compared to its amount in the game. But the game is too entertaining due to its conversation dialogue between the characters.

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